The Printshop at Overpass Projects


Overpass Projects is a soup to nuts printmaking studio where Julia Samuels practices all forms of intaglio, etching, engraving, photogravure, relief printing, screen printing, lithography and letterpress. Overpass is connected to a wide community of artists and designers, casting the net wide, innovating new ways to bring other disciplines into the print shop and to push printmaking out into the world. 

Officially founded in 2015, Overpass is a dream 20 years in the making. Julia was introduced to printmaking when she was in high school and has been committed to the craft since before she could drive. She purchased her first press before her first beer, and in and out of school has committed herself to understanding all the tools of the trade.

Art makes the world a better place. Printmaking allows original hand handcrafted art to be accessible to the public, and Julia is dedicated to maintaining the often antiquated techniques of printmaking through the ever expanding world of contemporary art. Printmaking and printing's place in the world has always been in flux: each form of printmaking transitions from being the height of reprographic technology to being completely outdated, at which point we are able to employ these obsolete techniques to make art. Printmakers share a duty to continue the contemporary practice of printmaking to, along with our historical collaborators, ensure the craft's existence far into the future.

Overpass Projects is constantly looking for vibrant artists to work with, places to show our work, and collectors to support our efforts. We kindly invite you to share with us, and please reach out with any questions, suggestions, requests, offers or blessings.