Overpass Projects is proud to offer a wide range of fine printmaking techniques. 

Silk Screen Prints

Made by pushing ink through a stencil, screen prints are iconic for their flat and bright pop colors. 

Intaglio Prints

Copper plate prints made by traditional etching and drypoint techniques.


The artist carves the image into a plate of copper. 

Relief Prints

Including wood, linoleum and MDF cuts, relief prints are made from carving marks into a plank of rigid material and rolling ink on the remaining high surface. 


The antique photographic process of photogravure allows the artist to develop tonal images into the copper plate resulting in exquisitely subtle and detailed prints. 


The artist draws on limestone with a grease pencil, and the stone is processed with acid. Through printing the limestone is kept moist and oily ink is attracted to the artist's original drawing.