Phi, 2017

2 plate color etching by Amber Heaton, line etch and aquatint

27" x 16.5" on heavy cotton rag paper, printed in 3 color variation editions of 10

$900 Available here.

The composition of this print is based on the ratios of the Fibonacci sequence. When examined, these ratios can be reduced to the classic number that represents the Golden Ratio or Golden Mean, 1.618..., represented by the Greek letter Phi. For me, Phi represents a certain intrinsic equilibrium that can be found in the systems of nature. In this print, I wanted to couple the classic visual expression of the Fibonacci sequence, a set of squares spiraling from a central point in the ratio of the numbers, with a more optical line drawing. I was thinking about balance, symmetry, and structure, and wanted to created a synergistic effect between the layers. 

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