Haley Hughes


Haley Hughes is a self-taught artist. She was born in Paradise, California in 1984 and has lived and worked in Brooklyn since 2005. Her work was included in the 2017 Whitney Houston Biennnial. 

My paintings and sculptures are visual and emotional journalism. My intension is to shed light on global sociopolitical and psychological conflicts to inspire further conversation about our state as a global community. I make colorful, gory and critically incisive works that lambaste the American ruling parties and their dominant historiography. They are abstracted narratives of current events, drone attacks, global warming, politics and politicians as seen through a Technicolor dreamscape. The colors, patterns and symbolism of Islamic and Indian art as well as the narrative trajectories of 17th century Chinese scrolls inspire my work. The mobility and accessibility of the image as both charted landscape and unfolding narrative are important to my work. My process involves different stages. Ultimately I have a solid image in my mind when I begin, but I usually start with drawings, research and image sourcing of whatever the topic may be. I work in oil, acrylic, gouache and soft woods.


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